【G-STORY support Samsung wireless DeX🙋🏼‍♀️】How our portable monitor connect Samsung wireless DeX📲?

Note20 is available! How G-STORY portable monitor connect Samsung wireless DeX📲? Check this out 👇🏼
Samsung has released wireless DeX function for Samsung Galaxy Note20 and the phone can be the controller when it connects to a TV or portable monitor. As our company, G-STORY has a variety of portable monitor choices to choose from, it is very suitable to use our monitor to connect the Samsung DeX function and you can easily get a moveable notebook🤩! Our mirror function is also easy to use and you can probably handle it well.
Our portable monitor is in high-quality display and the “Pro Series” can support vertical screen also😃. It gives you a bigger entertainment when you use it for watching a drama, looking the social media such as Facebook or Instagram, that’s amazing🤓!
Come to check our website below and find it out🤟🏻!
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