【Mobile phone amplifier 🔎】

Have you ever thought that the phone screen is too thin and wants to have an amplifier? Our G-STORY can help you with the ultra-thin and portable Monitor Pro series! It’s easy to carry, and it’s light to bring out. You can view it horizontally or directly on a vertical screen. You guys can use both Facebook and Instagram on a bigger screen💯! The following four models are available:
➡️GSV56FM Pro
➡️GSV56FT Pro
➡️GSV56UM Pro
➡️GSV56UT Pro
There are so many benefits to use our monitor! If you are an influencer/KOL and want to broadcast live, it’s suitable for you👍🏻. After connecting to our monitor, you can watch the comment with the phone and a bigger broadcast video check over G-STORY monitor. You can also interact with others conveniently! In addition, you are not afraid to go to an online class or online presentation. You can zoom in very close and you can do yoga/fitness online tutorial, or even dancing class. 🤪!
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